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About Us

DEC has successfully run Mentoring programs for the past 19 years. The DEC program is designed to help participants achieve excellent results in their businesses and in their lives. Through this program employees and business owners experience the power and enjoyment of receiving personal support from others who have been trained through the program to help them achieve breakthroughs, strengthen business acumen and gain confidence in their leadership and communication skills, while at the same time gain self-awareness. Prior to starting this project in 1999, DEC researched the Mentoring market nationwide for programs with structure and program monitoring. None of the programs had all the qualities that DEC felt were needed to develop people with the strategic and tactical format that would lead them to success. The program began organically because it filled a gap and over the years it has evolved into the dependable high-quality Mentoring program that it is today. DEC works with organizations to expand capability and improve the productivity of each organization it serves. We invite you to experience the power of DEC Mentoring in your organization. For more information contact us at



“WOW….what can I say but WOW. The mentoring program has been one of the most incredible development programs we have ever participated in. Through a careful selection and matching process the DEC program provided perfect matches for our group, which helped us “recreate our business goals, clarify our areas for improvement, map out a course of action to move to where we needed and most importantly has kept us focused and moving forward to that end. I am so excited by the progress we have made and am already experiencing the results of employees that have been in the program. I would highly recommend the DEC mentoring program for any organization that wants to take their people to next level quickly."


Sarah Atkinson
State Farm Insurance