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Historical Timeline

Mentoring has been a part of our society for centuries.  In fact, Homer tells us that around 1200 BC, the adventurer Odysseus was ready to leave for the siege of Troy. He needed someone to care for his son Telemachus so he appointed a guardian.  For the next ten years, this guardian acted faithfully as teacher, advisor, friend and surrogate father to Telemachus.  This mythical guardian’s name was Mentor.

Prior to starting this project in 1999, DEC researched the Mentoring market nationwide for programs with structure and program monitoring.  None of the programs had all the qualities that DEC felt were needed to develop people with the strategic and tactical format that would lead them to success.  

The program began organically because it filled a gap and over the years it has evolved into the dependable high-quality Mentoring program that it is today.  DEC works with corporations and non-profits to expand capability and improve the productivity of each organization it serves.

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