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Benefits of a Formal Mentoring Program

Research indicates that the fastest way to achieve your goals is by having a single dedicated person help you along the way. ~Dee Elliott

Help employees gain self-awareness and strategic perspective

“Some Mentees have had an unrealistic view of how they show up.  The DEC Mentoring program allows the mentors, through DEC EQ training to help Mentees gain self-awareness.”

Healthcare Executive

Builds Organizational trust

Our employees wouldn’t talk to their supervisors until they had a DEC mentor that knew how to give them the language to do that unemotionally.”

Legal Executive

Develops top performers

We had a top performer that was ready to walk out the door.  After being mentored by DEC they realized it was their responsibility to speak about their aspirations, to the right people at the right time.” 

Financial Executive

Helps employees avoid derailment

Miscommunication has been a problem for Good employees leaving a company.  The DEC Mentoring program has given employees the tools to stay and contest conflict for the betterment of their jobs and their careers.”

Technology  Executive

Improved employee productivity

Through DEC’s Mentor Training, Mentors show employees how to choose the goals that are important to get accomplished first and develop sub-goals for more efficiency. Through this training my communication skills were improved drastically.

Bank Executive

Increased employee morale and team development

Through the DEC program the Mentors got us excited about reaching our goals, being promoted more quickly and working successfully within a team”

Property Management Executive