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DEC has provided unique and successful Mentoring programs for businesses and organizations across the United States for the past 19 years. The DEC program is designed to help participants achieve excellent results in business and in their lives. Through this program employees and business owners experience the power and enjoyment of receiving personal support from others who have been trained through the program to help them achieve breakthroughs, strengthen business acumen and gain confidence in their leadership and communication skills as well as become more self-aware individuals. If your organization is looking for a cutting edge, this program is precisely what you need to get your top performers to the next level fast. The program's success is built on a unique values-based system for matching Mentors and Mentees along with structure that can be easily followed and which brings incredible results. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dave Brackett
Senior Vice President
The Irvine Company

"Now in their 3rd year of providing our employees with Mentoring services, the Irvine Company has experienced the positive impact DEC Mentoring makes for employee growth and advancement. As Senior Vice President for a highly visible organization, it is imperative to me that our company develop peak-performing managers and employees to maintain a strong competitive advantage and to meet the needs of our continuous growth. The unique way that DEC's program matches mentors and Mentees is of great value from a human resources perspective when business growth requires a ready talent pool as more leaders are needed for key positions. Our associates achieved a 96% success rate with DEC's program and we attribute much of that success to the matching process. We also saw a promotion rate of 49% for Mentees and a 35% overall increase across the management/leadership proficiencies we identified at the outset of the program. I would highly recommend the DEC Mentoring Program for any company that wants to see improvement in leadership development, productivity, staff advancement,  and overall employee morale."


We just launched our third mentoring program with DEC and their team. They have truly surpassed our expectations! We believe the investment we've made in this program has been a huge success for the Mentors, Mentees and the organization as a whole. We value training and development and believe our people are our competitive advantage, due to this program.  We were expecting to gain from the experience, but the positive feedback has been more than ever imagined. 

We had four Senior Vice Presidents from our organization participate as Mentors and the feedback to our CEO has been extremely supportive. We had 70 employees submit applications to be in the program, with only 30 selected.  Some Mentees have been promoted, hired for open positions and transferred to other departments within the Bank. I have had Mentees come up to me and state without the program, they would not have obtained the success they have experienced in their current roles. The excitement and enthusiasm to be included in the program, continues to mount. Building our bench strength is a key focus for our CEO and our Bank, and we believe this program helps us accomplish this goal. 


LaVonne Cate
Vice President, Human Resources
Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis